Tampa Heights Teens

Leadership and Youth Sports Development

This existing program engages students in traditional school and community activities to impart critical leadership skills that promote students becoming productive citizens. They learn that leaders are individuals capable of extraordinary accomplishment. They are taught that leaders have vision, excite others to action, overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable successes, often despite great challenges.

Business and Entrepreneurship

This program utilizes the most effective methods of quality instruction. In partnership with the University of South Florida’s Enterprise Center, training sessions will address student presentation skills and provide innovative techniques for starting their own businesses. An in-house recording studio will allow youth interested in developing this art form, to learn about the business development of this industry.

Financial Literacy

This is an existing program which will continue to be taught by Bank of America representatives through training programs and other sources that have proven positive results.

Workforce and College Preparation

Workforce and College Preparation offers structured lessons to help youth define their visions, goals and strategies for achieving them. Students will be guided through educational and career planning that will prepare them to complete college and enter the workforce.

Computer Training


BEST IT Computer Literacy program offers a broad spectrum of exercises to expand students’ knowledge computers. Students will learn how information gathered and input to computers affects them in practical ways. They will also learn the use of Windows operating systems, run applications pertaining to particular needs, create and transfer files and troubleshoot problems common to personal computer users. This program also will provide an introduction to the internet, email, webpage development and maintenance. Going forward, it will include an introduction to software development, electronic games and building computers.

Academic Support and Remediation

The program provides a supportive community of peer mentors, tutors, faculty and staff. The program assist students with defining and successfully achieving their educational goals. Program participants will receive educational planning and academic advising, personal counseling, academic mentoring and coaching, study groups, and leadership development. Parents and participants will be involved in academic enrichment workshops and will receive scholarship and financial information.

Community Resource

The THJrCA Youth Development and Community Center will serve as a resource to the broader community. One component of service delivery will be providing meeting and activity space to community partner’s organizations, the senior Tampa Heights Civic Association and Tampa Heights Stewardship Team. Nonprofit organizations, other groups and individuals also may request use of the facility during regular operating hours as well as for after-hours events. Approval will be contingent upon availability of space and an on-duty administrator for the requested period. Groups or individuals using the facility will abide by center policies. In certain cases, a fee will be charged for use of the center to help cover the cost of facility maintenance and upkeep.