The Tampa Heights Youth Project is a youth leadership program in which youth ages K-8 operate an urban organic farm, growing produce for the Tampa Heights Community Garden while developing leadership and job skills. The teens seed, tend and harvest organic produce for Growing Gardens’ CSA program, which provides a weekly share of vegetables for 5 community members.

Throughout the summer, the youth deepen connections with our community by engaging in volunteer projects, and by gleaning and donating produce to community members in need.

This hands-on farm experience teaches youth the importance of caring for the earth while learning how to grow their own food, work in a professional environment, operate a small business and create positive change for the community, the environment, and themselves.

THYGC participants are empowered to make decisions about many aspects of the program. Youth are encouraged to participate in project administration, public relations, and community education, as well as garden work and community service projects.  The program’s core designed is to meet the needs in the community and each program incorporates the following principles:

  •      Encourage academic learning through hands on activities.
  •      Develop practical, vocational and life skills.
  •      Provide opportunities to serve and interact in our community.
  •      Cultivate a safe and nurturing place for youth to interact.
  •      Promote ecological awareness and responsibility.

Children are signed up through Tampa Heights Jr. Civic Association.

For any questions on THYGC’s after school program, e-mail our Executive Director, or call the office at 813.559.1768.