Middle school is a critical period for academic, social and emotional development and is therefore a major priority of the Association to mediate the issue and promote young people’s self-motivation, resilience, social awareness, and cultural identifies.

THJrCA is developing a college-going ethos, guiding young people throughout their academic careers. THJrCA staff provides support through the tough transitions from middle to high school, and high school to college. The middle School program offer homework help, tutoring, financial literacy, culinary arts, civic engagement, and computers for research and presentation.

THJrCA expose its youth to a broad range of new and positive experiences that expand their horizons. We want to be sure that they know the world is bigger than the block they live on, and that they are a part of that broader world. How do we do it? Mostly simple, yet high-impact experiences like: trips around our amazing city; cooking and eating a new dish; going away on college tour experiences; and so much more! The Annual Summer program ensures that students keep up with their academics and return to school in August ready to learn.

Designed in partnership with youth-focused nonprofits, Hillsborough Community College (CROP) College Reach-Out Program and Hillsborough County Schools AVID program; THJrCA utilized these services as a strategy to foster academic success and life skills.

Tampa Heights Youth Development Center
2005 N. Lamar Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33602


Executive Director:
Patrick Sneed, MBA