Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association had its beginning in 1995 with four community pioneers in the historical district of Tampa Heights, Florida:  The late Arthur Green Jr., Lena Young Green, the late Ali Akbar, and John Tennison. Believing that boys and girls who roamed the streets should have a positive alternative, they organized the first neighborhood grassroots program. A cause was born.

History Highlights

In 1995, several residents of the Tampa Heights Community decided to facilitate a neighborhood program that provides civic opportunities for young people. The Tampa Heights Jr. Civic Association in Tampa was formed with 10 members- marked the start of a community movement.

In 1998, the Tampa Heights Civic Association, the University of Tampa, and the Junior Civic Association drafted an evaluation of the Tampa Heights Community to determine the need for a true after school and community program.

In 2001, the Tampa Heights Jr. Civic Association received its federal status as a certified non-for-profit agency.

Building Character

Character development and Civic Engagement has been the cornerstone of Tampa Heights Jr. Civic Association experience since the program opened in 1995. The first program professional, Pam Glass along with founder Lena Young-Green, devised a system informal guidance to attract students into the program, capture their interest, improve their behavior and increase their personal expectations and goals.

The procedures Glas used constituted a clearly planned, socially scientific system of taking young people off the street and promoting their development towards a successful, productive future. This system formed the basis of the Tampa Heights Jr. Civic Association environment. It is still in use today with proven results.